Computer Vision Datasets


Object Segmentation and Classification
CMU Face Datasets
Youtube Face dataset
PubFig: Public Figures Face Database
FGnet: Face and Gesture Recognition datasets
MIT Face Dataset
MIT Car Datasets
MIT Street Scenes: CBCL StreetScenes Challenge Framework is a collection of images, annotations, software and performance measures for object detection [cars, pedestrians, bicycles, buildings, trees, skies, roads, sidewalks, and stores]
Pedestrian dataset from MIT
The Daimler Pedestrian Detection Benchmark: several datasets for pedestrian detection (fully visible or partially occluded), using both mono and stereo vision, captured from a vehicle in urban traffic.
Caltech image collections: object detection, segmentation and classification
INRIA Datasets: Cars, people, horses, human actions, etc.
LabelMe Dataset: Over 150,000 images with objects annotated and labelled.
PASCAL Datasets: Provides standardised image data sets for object class recognition.
Car Dataset: Side views of cars for object detection

Automated Surveillance
VISOR: Video Surveillance Online Repositiory: Lots of videos and ground truth.
i-LIDS datasets: UK Government benchmark datasets for automated surveillance.
Advanced Video and Signal based Surveillance: a variety datasets for tracking and detection.
CAVIAR surveillance Dataset
Violent Scenes Dataset
3dPES: 3D pedestrian tracking, a new surveillance dataset, designed mainly for people re-identification in multi camera systems with non-overlapped field of views.

Multi-camera datasets
Multi-sensor dataset of salsa dancers: includes multiple camera views, audio streams, inertial sensors (accelerometer + gyroscope + magnometer) and depth maps.
Multi-model, multi-camera meeting room dataset
MuHAVi: Multicamera Human Action Video DataA large body of human action video data using 8 cameras. Includes manually annotated silhouette data.
INRIA Xmas Motion Acquisition Sequences (IXMAS): Multiview dataset for view-invariant human action recognition.
Multi-camera person tracking and pose-estimation

Background Modeling, Foreground Detection, Change Detection
WallFlower dataset: For evaluating background modelling algorithms. Ground-truth foreground provided.
Foreground/Background segmentation and Stereo dataset: from Microsoft Cambridge.
Shadow detection datasets
Stuttgart Artificial Background Subtraction Dataset
Aerial Image Change Detection

Datasets from ETH Zurich: Computer Vision Laboratory
Includes several datasets, for example:
  • Kinect Head Pose Database
  • Walking Pedestrians dataset
  • Pedestrian Crossing Sequences
  • Dynamic 3D Scene Analysis from a Moving Vehicle

KIT AIS Dataset
MIT Traffic Data Set

Other datasets
3D Photography Dataset
Experiments on skin region detection and tracking: it includes a ground-truthed dataset

More Lists of Computer Vision Datasets
UIUC Datasets: Includes... Fifteen Scene Categories, 3D Object Recognition Stereo Dataset, 3D Photography Dataset, Visual Hull Datasets, Birds, Butterflies, Object Recognition Database, Texture Database and Video Sequences.
OTCBVS Datasets: Several datasets that include non-visual data, such as thermal infrared and NIR.
List of "emotional" databases:
Computer Vision Datasets: from
Computer Vision Datasets: from
Computer Vision Datasets: from CVOnline

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